Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if it rains or the touch is cancelled?

  1. Tournament organiser Dave Swain, will e mail the captains of each team or phone those without e mails that the evening’s play is postponed.
  2. That night’s games will be tagged on at the end of the league games moving the finals back by one night to the contingency night.
  3. The fixtures for the rest of the season remain as printed.

When do we get our fixtures?

A preliminary league fixture list will be drawn up prior to the intro night but this is not the final draw. Changes and editing will be made after seeing results from the intro night as sometimes some new teams are placed in the wrong division.
I will send out the finalised season draw to all captains on their internet e mail address and also place it on the Touch Rugby Wales website.

What about Team Kit?

You are responsible for arranging you team’s kit. Depending on sponsorship, some teams have elaborate kit, whilst others simply ensure that everyone in their team has a similar coloured T shirt. Numbered shirts are encouraged as it makes it easier for the referees to communicate with players.


As in all sports, there is always a need for more referees. If any players from your team have an interest in refereeing we would welcome them with open arms.

Referees do it for fun as well so please assist their enjoyment by accepting decisions and respecting their authority.

Players who are sent off for dissention will be required to referee two matches before they are able to resume playing. Perhaps they will then have more appreciation of and empathy with the referee.

Changing facilities

The changing facilities are ten lockable changing rooms with showers.


You as the captain sign a waiver acknowledging that touch is a sport and that all players in your team are aware that each player is responsible for their own injuries and should have their own insurance cover. Touch Rugby Wales does not have insurance for players or referees and is not responsible for accidents or injuries that may occur.

We encourage each team to have its own first aid kit, physio kit, water and ice. When we have had injuries that require calling out an ambulance we recommend that players do not move the injured person but wait for the professionals. Consequently we keep the entrance to the field clear so that the ambulance has access.