Competition Rules

  1. Footwear is to be trainers, moulded sole boots or rugby boots with blade studs Teams must have a uniform kit of all the same colour and patterns.
  2. Time: Games will be started on the hooter. Teams that are not on the field within 5 minutes of the starting hooter will concede one try to their opponents and a further try for every further 5 minutes they are late.
  3. Teams will play a round robin competition. At the end of the round robin competition teams placed first, second third and fourth in their respective divisions will be involved in playoffs. The winners of the playoffs will contest the finals. The winner of the final for each division will be deemed the winner of that division. Teams that contest the final will be promoted whilst the bottom two teams of a division will be relegated. Exceptions may occur when a team affected by this ruling does not enter the following season. Playoffs 1 v 4 2 v 3 winners of the play-offs contest the final.
  4. League points for each game win = 3 draw = 2 loss = 1 walkover loss = 0
  5. If after all the league matches more than one team is placed on equal points then playoff positions will be decided on the following criteria; a) The team that won the match between the teams will be placed higher. b) If a draw occurs between the teams or more than 2 teams tie for the place, then the team that has scored the most tries in the competition will be given priority (placed higher.) c) If both of the above fail to separate the teams, it is the team that has conceded the least amount of tries in the competition that will be given priority. failing that a toss of the coin will decide.
  6. Mixed division teams must have at least three women on the field at all times. Under 17 teams a maximum of 2 adults. These may be teachers, coaches or parents.
  7. All teams are expected to play on the night and time appointed. If for any reason they are unable to raise a side, the game is forfeit as a walkover loss UNLESS they arrange with the opposing captain and the competition co-ordinator, to play the game at a later date. This must be agreed one week in advance of the official date of the fixture and must be done on an official form available from the co-ordinator’s desk.
  8. A player sent off in a match has an automatic suspension of one playing night. Captains must be aware of any player serving a ban and must not field that player until his suspension is complete. Any team who fields a suspended player will lose the competition points for that match. Players who wish to argue their case may do so at a judicial committee meeting at 9 p.m. that evening. See co- ordinator for details of venue.
  9. Teams must register their attendance at the ground with the central desk at least 15 minutes prior to kick off.
  10. Teams that are short of players may solicit the help of no more than 2 “ring ins” but these must be drawn from players of a lower division. i.e. A men’s division 2 team can not use a division 1 player, but may use a player from div. 3 or the mixed division.
  11. A player can not play for two teams within the same band. i.e. He can play for a one mixed team and one men’s team but cannot play for a men’s division 3 team and a men’s division 1 team.
  12. In the finals and playoffs, if the score is tied, extra time of 5 minutes each way will be played. If the scores are still level at the end of extra time a “Drop off” will take place on a sudden death basis to find the winning team. A drop off will begin when the referee stops play. The ref will re-start play after drop off. If a team scores from the tap off in sudden death, without the opposing team having had possession, the opposition have 1 set of 6 touches to score. If they don’t score within those 6 touches the game is won by the first team that scored.
  13. Teams making the playoffs and finals must complete an official team sheet and may not draw from players who are not in their team sheet.
  14. Any disputes arising from situations not covered by the rules of the competition presented in this document, are to be submitted to the competition co-ordinator, Mr David Swain, who will decide the issue.